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"Experience the Thrill of Developing a Nation with King's Land - A Serious Management Game"

Welcome to the world of King's Land, the serious management game that will take you on a thrilling adventure of programme management! Developed by Ambition Group, King's Land is a unique and innovative approach to training Programme and Project managers and their teams in dealing with risks and minimising adverse impact in a fun and engaging way.

Imagine you've been asked by the United Nations to develop an island in the Pacific Ocean. This island is strategically located and needs to handle a significant amount of traffic, including planes and ships. Your programme team, along with several project teams, must work together to develop this new country, complete with several cities. But here's the catch - you only have three years to complete the project before the U.N. takes over control.

The pressure is high as the United States and China are eager to take control of the island, so you must convince the U.N. of your plan. As you navigate through the game, you'll face various challenges that will test your skills and capabilities as a Programme and Project manager. You'll need to manage risks, allocate resources, communicate effectively, and make strategic decisions to ensure the project's success.

King's Land is not just any board game – it's a practical exercise during MSP® training and an effective tool in programme management implementation. Playing King's Land offers many benefits, including raising awareness of the roles and responsibilities of governance in programmes. It's an exciting and challenging tool that provides a safe environment to practice risk management skills and methods.

What sets King's Land apart from other training programs is its unique storyline that engages and challenges players. The game is structured, effective, and engaging, providing a fun and practical way to practice risk management techniques while keeping you engaged throughout the game. It also offers a secure environment to practice and learn without any real-world consequences.

So, if you're looking for an innovative and creative way to improve your programme management skills and techniques, King's Land is the perfect game for you! With its unique storyline and exciting challenges, you'll gain valuable experience in dealing with risks and minimising adverse impacts. So, what are you waiting for? Join the adventure and experience the thrill of programme management with King's Land today!

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