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A Rocket Launch in The Hague?

Imagine being given the chance to build a rocket to Mars to save the world from overpopulation. What would you do? What skills would you need to take on this huge challenge? Who would you trust?

Fortunately, you don't really have to travel to space to find out. With Ambition Group's new Serious Management Game: Space Race, you can do just that in Scheveningen! And at the same time, you develop management skills and work with your team against other teams to win the Space Race. The best of all? You can do this while enjoying the sun, sea and beach on the beautiful Scheveningen beach at beachclub Xiringuito!

"With the arrival of Space Race, learning is taken to the next level in a fun and interactive way."

Space Race is designed to challenge players in making crucial decisions and promote cooperation and communication within teams. Players will have to organise themselves, assign team members to specific tasks and set priorities to be successful in the race to space. You not only have to think strategically and plan complexly, but also communicate effectively with your team and make quick decisions in crisis situations.

The sessions on Scheveningen beach at beachclub Xiringuito will further enhance the game experience due to the beautiful location and the social aspect of the game. Participants are surrounded by sun, sea and beach while simultaneously developing their management skills. Interested parties can sign up for individual sessions or as part of a group.

I can hear you thinking, "does that really help, such a Serious Management Game?"

The answer is: yes it does!

Academic research by Rumeser & emsley (2019) has shown that participants' decision-making can improve in both the less complex and more complex scenarios and that teams with more project work experience tend to improve more than teams with less experience in the more complex games.

This is because of the various proven benefits for individuals and organisations that Serious Management Games, such as Space Race, offer. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Skill development: Serious Management Games are designed to challenge players and develop their skills in various areas, such as planning, project and crisis management, communication and teamwork.

  2. More effective learning: Game-based learning is an effective way to acquire new knowledge and skills. By experiencing challenges and crisis situations in the game, players can immediately apply the knowledge gained in practice.

  3. Improves team building: Serious Management Games are often played in teams, allowing players to learn to cooperate and communicate more effectively. This improves team dynamics and enables players to work together better in everyday practice.

  4. Interactive and fun: Serious Management Games are interactive and offer players a fun and challenging way to develop new skills. This keeps motivation high and makes learning more fun and efficient.

  5. Applicable in practice: The knowledge and skills gained can be directly applied in daily practice, making the effect of the game noticeable in the working environment.

In short, Ambition Group's new Serious Management Game: Space Race offers a fun and interactive way to develop management skills. Sessions on Scheveningen beach at beach club Xiringuito make the game even more memorable and social. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and experience the thrill of the race to space!

Watch the trailer of Space Race below


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