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It's time to get the full Ambition Experience

Ambition Experience improve organisational capability and accelerate business change through the delivery of unique, proven and engaging experiences. We collaborate closely with you to tailor content, scenarios, and challenges to align perfectly with your goals. 

Our immersive events go beyond traditional training, providing a unique opportunity to collaborate, professionalize, develop skills and solve key challenges.  

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Some examples of our Experiences

Logo Space Race Ambition Experience

Embark on a journey to save humanity in Space Race ​

Engage in an interactive guided gaming experience that pits teams against each other, urging them to out maneuver planning, project and crisis management, communication, and teamwork challenges. Space Race, an exhilarating escapade, serves as the perfect initiation into the realm of project and portfolio management.

8 - 140 Persons

Non-location bound

3 - 5 Hours

Are you ready to risk it all?

Experience the intricate world of risk management through engaging gameplay with Casino Wars. This game is designed for program and project management professionals seeking to elevate their risk management skills in an enjoyable and immersive manner. Ideal for program and project teams aiming to enhance the effectiveness of their risk management techniques and achieve superior outcomes, Casino Wars offers a dynamic learning experience.​

6 - 100 Persons

Non-location bound

4 Hours

Logo Casino Wars Ambition Experience
Ambition Experience Kings Land Logo

Unlock creatitvity and strategic prowess 

Step into a realm where creativity and strategic thinking reign supreme. KING’S LAND, a Serious Management Game, serves as a dynamic platform to illuminate attitudes and behaviors, offering invaluable insights. This game presents a golden opportunity to train your team in the intricacies of PRINCE2 and MSP methodologies, serving as an enlightening awareness session for senior leadership teams or seamlessly integrating into ongoing programs or projects to dissect, evaluate, and mitigate risks. 

6 - 60 Persons

Non-location bound

3 - 5 Hours


Do you possess the skills to construct an entire city? PRINCEOPOLY® offers a compelling management experience tailored for project managers and project teams, training them not only in the intricacies of project management methodology but also in the art of delivering projects triumphantly. This game encapsulates the full spectrum of planning, control, management, and successful project delivery, all presented in a structured, efficient, and captivating manner. 

10 - 80 Persons

Non-location bound

6 - 8 Hours

Logo PRINCEOPOLY Ambition Experience
Democratica logo Ambtition Experience

Democratica, a game centered around leadership dynamics​

Your teams new nation faces a critical mission with a two-year international deadline to establish a robust multi-party democracy. Succeed, and self-governance thrives; falter, and the United Nations intervenes with a functional government.  Teams will tackle intricate challenges, striving to advance political interests while nurturing mutual trust and cooperation. In Democratica, leadership acumen is the ultimate asset, shaping destinies with every choice made.​

8 - 24 Persons

Non-location bound

3 - 5 Hours

Portfoliomanager at UWV

"Great fun and educational game where the value of portfolio management becomes really clear!"

Evaluation notes

Ambition Group records observations and evaluation notes from the game sessions. Feedback and actionable recommendations for improvement are provided in a report format in line with the agreed learning outcomes. 

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