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"Democratia: Building a Nation, Balancing Ambition and Cooperation"

Ambition Group's new Serious Management Game, Democratia, offers an immersive experience where players are challenged to build a multi-party democracy within a set time frame. The game is set on a fictional island called Democratia, located somewhere in the Pacific. The island has recently become independent, and the governing party has been given two years to establish a stable democratic system that respects the rule of law. The UN has warned that failure to achieve this objective will result in the island being turned into a protectorate.

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As a facilitator, you introduce the players to the political landscape of Democratia, explaining that various groups have emerged with different backgrounds and political interests. The parties' goal is to advance their own political agendas without compromising mutual trust and cooperation. The players will be divided into different political parties and will need to work together to create a coalition agreement that reflects their interests.

To create the coalition agreement, parties will need to agree or disagree to 15 political statements, then reach a consensus on at least 10 of these statements. The political party that successfully safeguards most of its agenda items while still maintaining a good dialogue with the other parties and keeping the country's meters in check will win the game.

The country meters are critical indicators of the island's state, and they start at 50%. The parties will need to work together to ensure that these meters are at least 50% by the end of round 4. In addition to the country meters, parties will need to pay attention to their own political party points, which will increase or decrease based on their performance throughout the game.

The game is not just about winning; players can also earn virtual seats for their political party by performing well on assignments or drawing certain chance cards. Democratia challenges players to think strategically, communicate effectively, and negotiate skillfully to achieve their objectives while balancing the needs of the country and their political interests.

In conclusion, Democratia is a fun and educational way to learn about democracy, negotiation, and leadership. It provides players with a unique opportunity to experience the complexities of building a functional government while keeping a keen eye on their party's interests. This game is suitable for individuals and groups interested in politics, leadership, and management. So, put on your thinking caps, get into character, and start building the future of Democratia as soon as possible!


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