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Accelerate Business Change with Expert Advice and Serious Gaming 

Enhance your organisations capabilities in business change, portfolio-, programme- and projectmanagement through our innovative, enthousiastic and involved approach.


Our consultants operate as trusted advisors to the leaders of large institutions and companies looking to start or professionalize a project and portfolio department. 

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Van Boetzelaerlaan 11

Den Haag, 2581 AA

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Check out our Ambition Experiences!

Ambition Experiences are Serious Management Games we've developed in-house. Our wide experience in the project and portfolio industry encouraged us to share the knowledge we've build up over time. Ambition Experiences is the perfect platform to transfer our knowledge in a fun, effective and playful way.

In a time where teams work apart, remotely dialing in to meetings with lesser or no face-to-face interaction and collaboration, Ambition Experiences bring people together to develop teamwork, project skills, collaboration, decision-making, discussion around issues, issue resolutions, processes and planning.

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Upcoming Events

  • Open Spelsessie Space Race
    Fri, Apr 07
    Den Haag
    Kom naar het strand van Scheveningen en Experience de Serious Management games van Ambition Group! VOL=VOL
  • Space Race Demo
    Fri, Sep 15
    Den Haag
  • Demonstratie Democratia
    Thu, Mar 23
    In Democratia creëer je een coalitieakkoord waarin alle partijen betrokken zijn en zich vertegenwoordigd voelen.
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