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Ruimtevaartuigen in baan

Space Race

Build a rocket together with your team, as efficient as possible, in order to colonize Mars. The team that produces the rocket most efficiently wins!​

The most competitive teams are featured on our Leaderbord Page

"Teams are divided into 4 different departments. Each department provides a component for the rocket through its own processes. The departments are able to improve their process, but collaboration, planning and alignment are needed in order to do this effectively."

"Along the way, teams will encounter issues that need to be managed collectively, while also making sure the budget is not exceeded"

Ambition Group records observations and evaluation notes from the game sessions. Feedback and actionable recommendations for improvement are provided in a report format in line with the agreed learning outcomes. As a result, all participants become aware of their project management skills & capabilities. 

What do people say?

"Great fun and educational game where the value of portfolio management becomes really clear!"

Bram Nieuwenhuis, Portfoliomanager K&S at UWV

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Although our Experiences can be played at any location, Ambition Group highly recommends to let us book with our partners and neighbours at beachclub Xiringuito in Scheveningen. A location that covers all the necessary space, parking places and catering. The environment of sun, sand and sea will make the experience even more unforgettable. 

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