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The ultimate PRINCE2® project management game

The game consists of 6 phases:

  1. ) Preparation          

  2. ) Ground Plan       

  3. ) Building Stage 1       

4. ) Building Stage 4

5. ) Building Stage 3

6. ) Project Closure 


       How to win?

  • You have to be able to use the different project management skills effectively​.

  • You have to use product-based planning and delivering of work packages​.

  • Work together intensively and effectively.

  • Build the most sustainable self-sufficient city


Ambition Group records observations and evaluation notes from the game sessions. Feedback and actionable recommendations for improvement are provided in a report format in line with the agreed learning outcomes. As a result, all participants become aware of their project management skills & capabilities. 

Richard Moret, CEO Ambition Group

“The game triggers participant’s risk taking and decision making right from the start whilst challenging risk appetite in every way - the emphasis is very much on the attitudes and behaviours. CASINO WARS can be used to train your team on risk management methodology, as an awareness session for your senior leadership teams or as part of an ongoing programme or project to identify, assess and evaluate risks. It is also an excellent tool to facilitate a team building day.
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