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Casino wars

The ultimate risk management game

Welcome to Vegas, the city that never sleeps!

In the World, largest entertainment city, people live 24 hours per day. The city where dreams come true or burst as bubbles. The city is dominated by Entertainment, Restaurants, Bars and the most important: Casino's! 

In Vegas, there are more than 300 casino's and hotels with casino facilities. The most important street is the 'Strip'. In 2005, the 'Strip' is enlarged to create space for especially large Hotels/Casino's projects. Your team has to develop and execute the plan for a new Mega Casino with hotel facilities, bars, restaurants and an entertainment centre.  


CASINO WARS can be played by any programme and project management professional who wishes to further his or her risk management skills. It is particularly suitable for Programme and Project teams looking to optimise their risk management techniques effectiveness and achieve better outcomes and benefits.

CASINO WARS is a serious management game where Programme and Project managers and their teams are trained in in dealing with risks and minimising adverse impact in a structured, effective, fun and engaging way


Ambition Group records observations and evaluation notes from the game sessions. Feedback and actionable recommendations for improvement are provided in a report format in line with the agreed learning outcomes. As a result, all participants become aware of their project management skills & capabilities. 

Richard Moret, CEO Ambition Group

“The game triggers participant’s risk taking and decision making right from the start whilst challenging risk appetite in every way - the emphasis is very much on the attitudes and behaviours. CASINO WARS can be used to train your team on risk management methodology, as an awareness session for your senior leadership teams or as part of an ongoing programme or project to identify, assess and evaluate risks. It is also an excellent tool to facilitate a team building day.
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Although our Experiences can be played at any location, Ambition Group highly recommends to let us book with our partners and neighbours at beachclub Xiringuito in Scheveningen. A location that covers all the necessary space, parking places and catering. The environment of sun, sand and sea will make the experience even more unforgettable. 

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